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The Companies we Love.
Potential.co is the parent company of several online enterprises operating in 23 countries.
Here are a few of our babies.

Media Group

30m is a forward thinking media group. Over 300 million pages of content are consumed on our network each month from tens of millions of users.

Shopping Comparison

Shopping search engine. Reaching 25 million desktop, mobile and tablet users each month and driving hundreds of millions in incremental revenue.

Tech Fund

A one of a kind tech fund, investing in and mentoring over 12 early stage startups every year.

Coupon Codes & Daily deals

In excess of 6 million actively subscribed users getting the best deals tailored to them straight to their inbox.

Potential Asia

The hub for online startups in Asia. Bringing successful strategies from Europe to emerging and fast growing Asian markets.

Car Rental Comparison

Generating millions of rentals for leading brands.